Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I'm starting to think my Cyster Tara is on to something....a maintenance dose of prednisone might be a good idea.

I am tight.  I am inflamed.  I am spastic.

Oh, in my lungs :)

I'm short of breath with a lot of things.  I get tired very easily.  My lungs just all around hurt.  But my mucus production is low.  What I do cough up is light yellow to dark yellow.  And I feel overall fine.  No exacerbation in the works.

This all leads me to think that I just need something to control the inflammation that I am not getting from my anti-inflammatory meds - Singulair, Symbicort and Zithromax.

Hopefully when I see my doctor the first week of March she will agree with me.  As of right now I can not take prednisone anyway (for reasons I can not discuss) so there is no point in calling her about it.  I'm sticking with my 3 albuterol/atrovent treatments a day and trying to avoid the bitter cold as best as I can.


  1. Ugh! I feel the same way in my lungs. I have an appt next week. I'm going to ask about the predinsone too! :)

  2. Hmmm ... my son gets hacking, short of breath sort of coughs in the cold air. Since he's started Flovent, he hasn't had as many problems with being outdoors in the cold. (I say cold, like 30 and up, in TX :). I'm so sorry your lungs hurt ((hugs))

  3. Hope you're able to get the dreaded inflammation under control soon Amy! Sending some {{{hugs}}}

  4. I'm feeling the exact same way. Went to the movies last night and as soon as I left the theatre I started hacking my guts up. Didn't stop the whole drive home (thank gawd I wasn't driving). Did my treatments right away and still couldn't stop coughing. Much more short of breath than normal. Ugh! I want it to stop. Sometimes I could just sit down and cry :(