Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Not sure what to do with my time

I am so booooooored!!!

I have spent the past three years working my ass off day and night to write papers and read book after book for school.  So now I find myself with all this time.  Time to sit and think and contemplate and I just don't like it.  I already started a to-do list but I don't want to knock through all 28 items in just a few weeks.  And a few of them are for later in the year.  Some cost money and those I just can't do yet.

I have never been one to sit on my ass and do nothing.  That is why getting sicker worries me.  I get bored easily.  I don't need to be totally immersed in something, but I hate not having a set goal or a routine.  Before school ended I had my days planned pretty much.  There was always school work, housework and the gym.  Now its just housework and the gym.  I don't have many crochet orders (actually I have none at the moment just some random projects I am working on), but even those aren't holding my interest.

It has only been what 12 days since graduation and I am already going stir crazy.  I need to come up with a routine quickly.  It would help if the weather would turn summery!!!  This 58* and cloudy weather is not helping me at all.

I can't go back to work.  There is no more schooling for me to do.  TV is boring as all hell.  I can't find anything on Netflix.  And I think I am in a rut lol.  Maybe I need a few days to sleep and then I will feel energized to do things?

Saturday, May 24, 2014

In Training for my Life

It's been a while, I know.  Sorry.  It has been a hectic few months.

My pancreatic surgery is scheduled for July 28th.  So that means July 7th I will go inpatient to start IV antibiotics to get my lungs in tip top shape.  The surgeon told me I will be in 7-10 days after surgery, possibly longer, depending on how I heal.  It could be 7 days or it could be 40.  No one knows.  But the first few days out of surgery I won't even be awake or aware, which I like...means I won't feel pain yet lol.

As far as specifics go: they will remove my gall bladder, bile duct, part of my intestinal tract, and the head of my pancreas.  More of the pancreas if the pathologist in the room determines I need more removed.  He said I will most likely need insulin when I am done, and I will definitely need pancreatic enzymes (got that covered already!!!).   My whole mid section will be entirely rearranged.  They will be quite surprised when they go in there to begin with and see I am all moved around already.  HA!  Have fun docs! (they know about my hysterectomy no worries).  I'm not too thrilled about the scar that will be across my stomach from this, but I am hoping it won't be too large.  Not like I wear skimpy bikinis anyway, but I am still not looking forward to that.

I'm extremely nervous and hoping that my immune system allows me to heal quickly and that I don't get any infections.  I am worried about that part more than the surgery and coming off the vent.  I have faith my lungs will pull me through it.  One thing I am going to try, which I remember from my hysterectomy, is to put on as much weight as I can before surgery so that the CO2 they pump me full of during surgery can be reabsorbed into all my fat.  I remember the awful pain I had in my upper right shoulder from it last time.  Maybe the more fat I have, the less it will hurt.  *fingers crossed*

In other news:

May 15th I GRADUATED!!!  Finally, 16 years after graduating from high school I finally have my Master of Arts degree!!!  So exciting.  It feels fabulous to be done and I have already started a to-do list for myself of things I want and need to do to fill my now empty time slots.  I'm afraid to get too lazy because then I will do nothing but sleep, and I need to keep busy to keep healthy.

Speaking of which, I have been going to the gym once a week to do strength training on my own.  Tried for twice a week but I was so busy that it wasn't working out.  Now that things have calmed down for the next month or so I am shooting for twice a week. As my transplant nurse said, I am in training for surgery.  Pretend that this surgery is something I need to train for and prepare.  So that is my goal.  Minus the whole CF thing, I am in fairly good shape.  I can't run, but its hard with 37% lung function lol.  But I can exercise like a champ and lift weights, and I have stamina for cleaning etc.  Now if these stupid lungs would work I would be set!!!