Friday, November 5, 2010

I think my body might hate me?

But at least it hates me in a common way.

Yesterday I had my ultrasound on my ovaries to check to make sure that the Lynch Syndrome was not following me to other organs.  All was well until she found a cyst on my left ovary.  She made sure to tell me they are common, but because of my family's history and the LS, the doctor will definitely want me to be checked in a couple of months.  And that she will be calling me Monday or Tuesday to go over it all.  She needs to examine it and make sure it is just filled with fluids, and not abnormally large.

It was kind of interesting to watch it all on the screen.  I felt like a soon to be new mother laying on the table, trying to make everything out in the black and white areas.  Only difference is we were hoping to not see anything, and I didn't get a fun little print out.

She the link below for information:
Ovarian Cysts

I am not worried about this.  I know a few friends who have had cysts and they were gone in a few months on their own.  I just worry because I know one of my aunt's had cancer around the reproductive organs and I can't remember which organ, or which aunt.  I will have to make a few phone calls to find out.  It is just another inconvenience of my body, growing things in places things should not be growing.  Like the pre-cancerous polyps found in my colon last year (which I have a referral from my PCP to see the GI doctor at Brigham's once my insurance is back December 1st).  Or the polyps growing in my nose.  Or the extra mucus in my lungs.  Just annoying when all added up together.

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  1. I've had cysts on one ovary or the other for about 10 years now. I don't have Lynch Syndrome, so they don't even do more thorough checking with me, but they have always been just fine. I hope they are just the normal kind for you too...