Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Pathology Report

I am so glad I am not a doctor because the language used is mind boggling!

My incisions are healing up nicely. They don't look bad and they are so tiny you will barely be able to see them when I am all healed!

There were only 4 issues found out of the 6 organs removed. Really not too bad and 2 were nothing to be concerned about.

On my cervix was some metaplasia which I have had before. It can lead to dysplasia which are pre-cancerous changes. I have gone through all those procedures when I was found to have dysplasia about 5-6 years ago. Again nothing to worry about, but I am thankful my cervix is gone.

On my right Fallopian tube they found a few peritubal adhesions. Basically little polyps on the outside of the tubes. They were found to be benign thankfully. Reading up on those adhesions I found they can lead to infertility so I wonder if I would have been able to have babies without CF and LS forcing me to make the decision to remove the baby making parts.

On my right ovary again they found cysts, which have not gone away from my ultrasound in December. That's 7 months of hiding out and again I am thankful it was removed. The cysts were benign as well.

Then on to the uterus where it showed I had endometriosis. Apparently it has never given me issues.

Seems that taking out my baby making parts was a good idea. Who knows if any of these polyps would have turned cancerous...or if given what was found, if I ever would have gotten pregnant...

My second video on YouTube all about Lynch Syndrome and my choice to have this done:

I spoke with a friend of mine tonight who is a nurse and she went over the report with me thoroughly. The doc just pointed out the issues they found. Turns out those lower back cramps I had with every cycle, was the endometriosis! I had adhesions on the back of my uterus that were pulled during my cycle and caused the cramping. She asked if I had lower back pain and showed me where and it was like I was pointing to my own back! So I did have issues but never thought much of them. She also said that I was raked with scar tissue on my insides. Basically it seems like my organs where all over the place and stuck with scar tissue, like a huge cobweb! And that one ovary was connected to my bowel. I'm kind of intrigued and would have loved to see what I looked like. Gross and disgusting yes, but pretty nifty too!!!


  1. Nifty indeed, but soooo gross!

    Amy, I know you were questioning whether to have this surgery a few months ago but I wasn't up on the fact that you eventually decided to get it. I'm so glad things went well and you're healing up now. I had the horizontal cut which took a long time to heal, so it sounds like your recovery will be much quicker then mine! Good thing.

    Take care you!

  2. Thank Kel! It was fast. I went in to talk to her and then made the surgery appointment in just a matter of weeks.

    I can't imagine the horizontal cut and feel for you! <3

    You take care too!!!!!

  3. Hope you are recovering well. I had severe endometriosis years ago and had the lady parts removed as well. If you ever need someone to talk to just holler.

    Steph Rath aka PinkPigg