Sunday, February 1, 2009

Some amazing news!

Well I am going to blog about some interesting information I discovered last night.  I went to dinner with my dad and step-mom.  I was able to fill in all the information needed about my family’s colon cancer history.  I was floored at it!  I knew of some of them but was completely in awe of just how many people have had it.  So here is my list, just first name initials.  Keep in mind this is all from my dad’s mom’s side of the family.  The x2 means they had it twice! 

- Dad

- Dad’s mom

- Aunt J (dad’s sister)

- Aunt P (dad’s sister)

- Aunt L (dad’s sister)

- Uncle J x2 (dad’s brother)

- Aunt L (dad’s sister)

- Great Uncle B (dad’s uncle – died from it)

- Great Uncle J (dad’s uncle – died from it)

- Great Uncle J x2 (dad’s uncle)

- Great Grandmom (dad’s Grandmom)

- Great Grand-dad (dad’s grand dad - died from it)

- Cousin D (dad’s cousin died when 14)

What this means is that I really need to consider being tested for the gene and getting a colonoscopy done.

I also found out that my dad’s cousin B had CF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am going to call my Grandmom and get some more information though.  It was my grandfather’s brothers daughter and my dad said she lived to be fairly old.  So I need to get some info about that. 

I will  be sure to post any and all information that I find!


  1. Wow, that is quite some history!

  2. WOW Amy.. what a history!! And I thought my family history of cancer was bad... not at all compared to yours.

  3. Dang Woman!

    It definiately was informative for you!


  4. Whew! You definitely need to get that test.