Monday, July 13, 2009

Colon Cancer Gene Results

Well I got the results of the cancer screening test back and I am positive for the hMLH1 gene. If you are not sure what I am talking about read this post and stay up to date will ya???!!?!?!? :)
I knew I would be positive, but it is still a shock. It is one thing to think you may have it and another to test positive for it. So now I will start getting colonoscopies and endoscopies done every two years starting as soon as possible. Luckily I see Dr H on Wednesday so he and I can discuss this and he can talk to the gastro team about me going under for both. And I also need to make an appointment with them to discuss our game plan. When she called me she said she got the results back on Friday but didn’t want to ruin my weekend, even though she knew I would take it in stride…which I did. I even laughed and said that I knew it was going to be positive. Besides, I got the results in less than two weeks…that is NEVER a good sign LOL.
Calling my dad and brother are first on the list though. I have to let my dad know the results and try again to convince my brother to have the test done. I am almost positive he will be negative. I seem to take after my dad’s side so much more than my brother does. He takes after my mom’s side more than I do. So hopefully he is like her in that respect. I would prefer me to have the gene instead of him, seeing as how I already have one set of less than ideal mutations…does this make me a double mutant…or triple? My dad was funny when I talked with him, apologizing for giving me crappy genes. So not his fault at all. I would never blame him or my mom for anything genetic I ever have. I know they didn’t ask Mother Nature to give me certain genes, and if they did they should market it and be rich!
Even though I was expecting this result I am still a bit shaken up. My hands have been shaking since I found out and my gut is all knotted. I feel like I want to cry and I thought for sure I would when I called my dad. I tried to forget about it while listening to some Preston and Steve podcasts but it wasn’t helping. I couldn’t seem to concentrate on my work that desperately needs to go out on Wednesday (or for me Tuesday since I am out Wednesday). I will be taking a lot of Melatonin tonight so I can sleep!
At least I know I will never pass this on to any of my children since I won’t be having any. I guess I really did get the shitty genes in the family. I know there are many positives to knowing I have the gene, like early detection, but it doesn’t lessen the blow. It is safe to say that I was not as prepared for the positive results as I had thought I was…And yes I know this is just saying I have the gene and not cancer but it makes me wonder then if being hard-headed and stubborn has allowed any polyps to grow inside of me. Which is why I need the tests done ASAP.
On a MUCH happier note….look how pretty the Victorian Lance Inn is, I may have to take a day trip to Cape May just to stay in this inn!


  1. It's so great that your taking this so well.

    I'm really glad they put you under for that btw :)

  2. FUCK AMY *big hugs*

    You know where to find me for a cry fest! I'm always available!!!!!!

  3. Well, I'm of course not thrilled with the results, BUT I'm glad you're taking it in stride. You think for all of us who lose the genetic lottery we could actually win the Powerball or something...


  4. Ditto Bree's sentiments. lol F@ck.

    Well, this is obviously a really good thing to know hugh? Now you can be proactive.

    Bug hugs to you Amy!