Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Today's clinic went a little better than I had thought it would.  They just updated their PFT cart so now there isn't a flexible tube, but instead a rigid stand.  They also changed the predicted values to the standard.  So before I was switching to my calculations, for this blog, I now don't have to do that.  My "new" predicted is 3.06L which is only slightly below what I was using at 3.10L.  The difference is really insignificant (1/2%).   I was expecting to see my % go down because of the new predicted values....

So now on the results of said clinic.  My FEV1 went up slightly instead!  I was at 1.03L in July, exactly 2 months ago, and this time I was 1.11L.  My % stayed the same at 36%, but now it is a true 36%.  I shall take that 3% increase (my calculations were 33% for 1.03L last time - are you as confused as me?!?!).  However, I am still lower than I was right before I was admitted back in June when I was at 1.13L.  But that is a small difference.

My weight was down 5 lbs, but my appetite has been sluggish and with the exercise it is to be expected.  She was not worried about it because I feel FABULOUS.

Yes FABULOUS.  I feel great.  There were no issues to report.  No extra coughing.  No fevers.  No chest pain (besides my regular which hasn't been as bad as I had expected given my no Motrin usage now).  Nothing, nadda, zilch, zero.  I told her my O2 has been higher with rest - usually I am around 93-94% on room air at rest, sometimes 95% if I sit long enough - but lately it has been as high as 97-98%!  And my exercise tolerance has improved dramatically too.  I have started doing rolling hills on the treadmill and strength training twice a week.  Once with the trainer and once on my own.  I don't push myself as hard as she does, but its easier to lift heavier than you can with a spotter.

I was told to come back in three months (something I haven't done since moving up here) and call if there are any issues in the mean time.

I could not have been happier with today.

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