Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Clinic Update

So clinic went better than I had expected.  The past few weeks I have been waking up at night coughing my face off.  I feel like I have a tickle in my lungs that just won't go away.  I prop myself up some more and fall back to sleep once the fit is over.  So I was kind of expecting my numbers to be the same or even down some.  However, they were up!!!  I went to a whopping 37%!!!  1.11L, I haven't been that high since November right after that clean out.  So the cold weather leaving definitely helped.

There is a good chance I have bad allergies so she suggested I see an allergist.  Adding it to my to-do list.  She recommended I try benedryl if my eyes are too much for me.  Right now I have raw marks under my eyes from itching.  First thing she said to me when she saw me (after hellos of course) was "what happened to your eyes!?"

She introduced me to one of the pulmonary resident's at BWH who was making his rounds with her.  So I got to speak with him first.  He said from my chart and what I told him that I probably have undiagnosed and untreated asthma.  Something I have been saying for a few years now but no one listened.  So he mentions Spiriva, and I am getting an rx for it!!!  Kind of excited about that.  I have heard great things about it and cannot wait to see if it helps my inflammation issues.  I am also doing a week of Prednisone to see if that helps my allergies.

And finally, I did it.  I made the choice to leave my clinic and start new at MGH.  I have an appointment for June 2nd tentatively set up.  I was a little hesitant at first because of the changes they want to make with my care, but then when I went to check out and make a new appointment, they couldn't do it because the summer schedule was up.  So I am supposed to call back in June to make an appointment.  But I will just have to call to get some things sent to MGH and then tell them I am leaving.  No need to cancel any appointments huh?

Oh and OMG!!!  I head back from Dr. H!!!  From Philly.  OMG I was so excited to see his email pop up!!!  He told me to stop in any time I am down there and he will make time for me.  I cannot wait to see him!

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