Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My Kidneys

My Kidneys....

I am not quite sure what is up with them.  Or if it is even them causing me issues.

Back in March I had a BAD UTI.  So bad I was peeing purple....yes PURPLE.  I should have taken a picture it was so weird!!!  Even the nurse and doctor commented they had never seen pee that color.  Fabulous.  I got an Rx for Bactrim and within 36 hours my pee was normal again.  I was on a study for colon cancer and contacted my study coordinator to let her know.  I thought this was my first UTI.  Turns out it was my NINTH.  I never knew about the other ones because they were discovered when I was inpatient and they cleared up with the IV antibiotics I was given for my lung infections.

So no one ever told me about them.  I had a feeling something was going on because each admission I would have to do 2-3 collections since the first and sometimes second would have microscopic blood in it.  But no one ever told me they were UTIs.  For 3 freaking years I have been having them!!!

Fast forward to my MGH appointment in June.  We had discussed doing a 24 hour urine collection to get an idea of how my kidneys are functioning especially since I am no longer taking IV Tobra.  So Monday I start the collection.  I had been feeling like I was getting a UTI since it felt a little funny to pee but I just ignored it.  Monday night, more blood in my urine.  So I am freaking out that I will have to re-do the dam collection again (I had done it on Thursday not realizing the place I had to drop it off was closed Friday!).  I called my CF clinic Tuesday and she said not a big deal it actually helps because then they can see what is going on better.  And then I called my PCP to go in and give a sample and get more Bactrim.

Now this is 2 UTIs in 5 months that have visible blood in them.  My thinking is that I am usually getting them but I go inpatient for IVs before the visible blood starts.  But now I am going on 6 months without an admission so my body isn't getting the drugs to combat them.  So I pee blood.  March's I have no idea what that was all about.

Hopefully the 24 hour collection will reveal something about what is up with these infections.  They are not fun at all.  And I cannot figure out a cause for them.  I just hope it isn't anything serious.  My mind is obviously thinking my kidneys are failing or I have UT cancer since that is part of Lynch.  But my fingers are crossed its something silly that can be fixed easily.

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