Thursday, June 25, 2009

So much to update you all on - ADDED VIDEO

It has been way too long since I blogged! It has been a super busy 7 days!

The end of last week we learned our good friend Courtney was in the ICU with major swelling. They put her on a vent and dialysis to get the swelling to go down. Her kidneys have stopped working or something along those lines. So far it is working and the prayers are coming in left and right! Her sisters started a blog so they could keep us all updated. I am so very thankful for this! I met Courtney last year and she is so sweet. I’m worried about her and I want her to get better so she can get the new lungs she needs. You can read all about her at this site. I also saw a rainbow last night and I swear that it is a sign that she will make a full recovery!

I forgot to mention that another friend of ours recieved her double lung transplant on Saturday night / Sunday morning!!! She has been waiting over a year and has been on O2 for 10+ years! Meghann is doing great so far and I can't wait until she is off the vent and can tell us all about it!

Last weekend was the CF2Chat meet up at Patti’s house. We have a flipping blast!!! I am posting some pictures so you all can see. Tina, Shawn and Kevin came in from Boston. Graves came in from Long Island and then me from the Philly area. Everyone got up there Friday night except Kevin who came in on Saturday. We just joked around Friday night and really got to know each other. It was like old friends meeting up again after a time apart. I have met Patti, Nate and Graves before but never Tina, Shawn and Kevin. But I have talked with them in chat and online. There was no awkwardness at all! I love these guys. They are extended family haha. Saturday we had good food and just a blast. Tina and Shawn had brought their Boston Terrier with them and he was having fun getting to know Patti and Nate’s dog Abbi (neither are fixed BTW – see video). Sunday was Father’s Day so we all shuffled out to a buffet breakfast that was phenomenal!!!!!!! It was so delicious. Afterwards we were able to take some funny pictures of something that came out in the open a few months ago about a “friend” on the CF boards. I won’t go into detail but he has an obsession with face masks. We couldn’t resist!

I was sad to leave the group and head back home. I missed Maggie and I knew I had tons of stuff to do, but I wanted to keep chatting and hanging around everyone. It was definitely the most fun I have had in a long time! Good food, good friends, good conversations. There is nothing else you need in life!

Yesterday was a fantastic day too! I got to see my friend Linda who I haven’t seen since 2002! We met when I lived in Georgia back in 1992! We have stayed friends ever since. I was only down there for 4-5 months and here we are 16 years later and STILL friends! Can you believe it?! I can honestly say she is my oldest friend (as in known her the longest). She got to see my mom again after 16 years too. And I got to meet her hubby and 2 kiddies. They are so stinking cute I could gobble them up! We went to the Please Touch Museum in Philly so that the kids could have something to do. My SIL and nephew came along so B could have someone to play with. It was a blast! I am only posting the picture of her and I on here but if you are friends with me on Facebook I posted the rest. It was so great seeing her yesterday. Her hubby is from North Jersey and they come up every year to see his family. We were finally able to coordinate it so we could get together.


  1. WOW! I was looking at your pics before I read the update and I thought of our "friend" as soon as I saw a picture of you guys in the masks.. then I read what you wrote. LOL.

    Glad you guys had a good time.

  2. Man, you been busy! Looks like it's been a lot of fun!


  3. You have been busy--but at least in a fun way :)

  4. OH MY GOD that was so flipping funny !!!! Holy crap it was like a doggy sex ring. Can you put that on FB?

  5. Will do Tina!!! Tonight when I get home from work I will!!!