Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday's update cause I an't think of a fun title!

I had my first study visit with the study I am not allowed to talk about :) It went well and I JUST made it in. The cutoff for FEV1 is 40% and I blew a 41% at best. Mt first one was 35% and my second one was 38% so I did two more and got 40% and 41%. So I am IN! WOOT!!! Let's just hope I can keep it this high until next Wednesday when I go for my first dosing.

I started Colistin again on Sunday. It's making me cough a BUNCH but there isn't a whole lot of loose crap in my lungs so I am just hacking dry air. Fun.

I am working on two lengthly blogs so be prepared by this weekend to get at least one. I'm working on my take on the healthcare reform bill. Since every Cystic should be somewhat informed about the whole deal so I am going to give my opinions, good and bad about it.

Ok short sweet and to the point LOL!!!!

Hope all is well with my readers!!!!!!


  1. congrats on qualifying for the study that you can't talk about. that is SO EXCITING! :)

    I am so excited to see how you feel (even though you can't talk about it). :)


  2. Congrats on qualifying for this mysterious study :)

    And I am looking forward to reading your upcoming blog about healthcare reform!

  3. Amy, I just received my paperwork in the mail today for the study(that we cannot talk about!!). I think I will do it but I need to clarify a couple things first. Anyway, good luck and hope you get the real deal.


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