Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Clinic Appointment

As I thought my FEV1 dropped some. Not as bad as I had been expecting, but then again it was only 3 hours post treatment and 10am. My weight is down 5 pounds, which was to be expected from the hysterectomy. My FEV1 is around 36% which is down from 43% last time. Certainly not the lowest I have been, but down from baseline.

The course is to do 2 weeks of oral Levaquin and see how I feel after that. My next appointment is on September 9th, but she said if I get back from my vacations and nothing has changed, I don't feel any better, then to call Tuesday after Labor Day and they will set me up in a room to start IVs. So I am hoping I get some relief from the orals so I can make sure I am able to get to my first grad school class on September 13th! And then to my overnight evaluation on September 26th (I was able to schedule it for 2 weeks later since it would have interfered with my first class).

Here are 2 pictures from today's appointment:

The first picture shows my numbers for the past year. You can see how much I fluctuate. The second picture shows my fluctuations on a graph, which really shows how I am.

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  1. I'm so glad they are giving you orals first. Hopefully, they will do enough to keep you out of the hospital. Hugs from Ohio!