Saturday, August 6, 2011

Some relief please!

This Wednesday is my clinic appointment and I am looking forward to it like no other.  I think I am due for some IV antibiotics.  Going into my surgery I was healthy and I am glad I was where I was.  But coming out on this side, I just can't recover those days where I couldn't cough much and it pooled in my lungs.  I am curious to see just what my FEV1 has dipped to.

The shortness of breath is bad.  The need for at least 3 treatments a day is strong.  And my energy is non-existent.  This past Friday I had my 3rd dance lesson and I coughed the whole time.  I actually had to explain to my instructor I have a lung disease and that I am not contagious, nor about to keel over (we hope lol).  About 30 minutes into the 45 minute session I was done, but I forced myself to complete it and then passed out on P around 7pm for a quick power nap.  Literally I was laying on his arm lol.

Today we went car shopping and it completely drained me.  And we only visited 2 lots!  Happy to say the second lot we purchased a vehicle (Mazda CX-7).  So we had to hang around to do all the paperwork.  I was just so tired I could have curled up on a bench and slept for hours.

I will be sure to post an update on Wednesday after my appointment!

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