Friday, January 13, 2012

Hospital Update

This hospital admission is turning out to be quite eventful, though short.  I came in Thursday morning for my endoscopic ultrasound - cysts on my pancreas look normal and just need to be monitored by MRI every 6 months - and was admitted afterwards.  I got to hang out in endoscopy all day until 4pm when my room was finally ready.

I got my PICC placed today, luckily that was uneventful! I got my nice dose of Benadryl prior and was nice and high for it.  Worked for me!  I would rather not be totally with it when I get it done.

Unfortunately my heart rate has been really high all day today and my blood pressure really low.  I have been drinking water and got 500cc of saline to try to help but its not doing much.  I got an EKG done to check my heart and it showed tachycardia....nothing new.  Resting my heart rate has been in the 120s and when exercising with PT it went up to 168.  I am usually around 100-110 resting.  This is new since I was not having this issue on Wednesday before I came in.  Hopefully it is just from the Benadryl and "excitement" of the PICC placement.

The results of my OGTT I had done on Monday came back positive for CFRD (Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes).  My A1C was 6.3 (not too bad) and my 2 hours post sugar level was 215.  Anything over 200 is considered positive.  So I am right there over the line.  I can get started on regulating my insulin and maybe I won't be so ridiculously tired anymore!  I am not surprised by this result in the least.  I knew it was gonna happen at some point and I am glad to get it over with prior to transplant.  I don't want to have to learn 2 new major life changes at once!

It is looking like I will be getting out on Sunday which is great.  Since I am not really sick and just getting IVs started so I can make it through the semester, there is no real reason for me to stay.  Unless of course I feel shitty all day tomorrow and Sunday.  But as long as my HR goes down to normal and these low grade fevers stop I should be good to go!


  1. thinking of you and hoping this tune-up gets you in good shape for the semester!

    if your tachycardia doesn't subside on its own, make sure to pay particular attention to your electrolyte and vitamin levels. one time i was having really severe tachycardia and triplets due to low potassium (i think it was potassium but i can't remember for sure?) levels. i was transferred to the cardiac unit and they put on heart monitors around-the-clock. it was pretty scary and i was really uncomfortable, but once we identified the cause and started supplementing the deficiency, the cardiac issues almost completely resolved on their own . love when there are simple solutions for serious problems!

    of course, i hope your situation doesn't even come to that, but i just wanted to share so it was top of mind in case the tachycardia does persist. sending "feel good" thoughts your way so you can get out of there on sunday!


  2. Interesting, whenever I am in my potassium is low. I eat bananas all the time, but I guess it doesn't help...