Tuesday, April 24, 2012

O2 Study

Friday night I had another O2 study done while I slept.  They are picking the device up today so it will be a few days before I hear anything back.  Plus I have a clinic appointment next Tuesday (May 1) so I am assuming I won't hear anything until then anyway.

It was pretty similar to the last test I had done.  I saw 86-89% a lot when I would wake up, and when I was lying down I was at 90-91%.  But who knows what the machine registered.  The tech said it records the numbers every 30 seconds.  So if I hit 86% for 20 seconds in between two 90s it won't get recorded.  Kinda sucky.  But whatever right.

I am just glad we are doing the study when I am not feeling the best instead of like last time when I had just finished a 3 week course of IVs.  This test will be much more accurate.  Speaking of IVs.  The Cipro didn't do squat for me so it looks like I will be scheduling an admission for May 10th.  It is what it is.  At least I will feel good for the summer!  And even feeling shitty I have been exercising my ass off at the gym 4 days a week.  Go me!


  1. Congrats on working out 4x's a week!! That's awesome. I remember when cipro wouldn't do the trick and a hospital stay was inevitable. . . but like you said you'll feel better for summer. I hope your O2 study comes back with good news. Even if you need O2 at night, it will make you feel a little better knowing and sleeping with it when I needed it made me feel soooo much better in the morning and all day long.

    1. Yeah I used O2 at night for 3 years but when I lost my insurance I lost my O2. Now that I have insurance again I need a new one done and I have been sleeping OK without it. So we wanted to check it out and just see.