Thursday, September 13, 2012

Admission day 1...or is it now 2?

I was finally let into my room around 10pm last night!  The guy who was in here before me had to wait for his ride.  First he was leaving at 4, then 6 then 8 and finally at 8:45 he was picked up.  It was nice to be able to eat at home and be totally packed but it still sucked.  I had P drop me off at 8pm because he has work today and E was home waiting for Nana to get there.

I spent 2 hours in the waiting area of admitting but they were very accommodating.  More than once I was asked if I was hungry and if I wanted some meal tickets.  I was not so I declined them.  But it was nice not feeling totally forgotten and left in the dark!

When I was finally in and all settled they placed my IV.  It went in well but the nurse commented it was difficult.  Then later on (read 1:30am) they came to draw some labs and that took almost 20 minutes to get all they needed.  The first 2 vials went smooth and after that they dripped in.  My left arm is not what it used to be.

Fast forward to today and my PICC placement.  The Ativan and Benadryl just aren't cutting it anymore.  I am still 100% fully aware.  It took the PICC nurse 3 tries to place it.  She could get it in but it would not thread.  The third time she said "oh finally!"   I commented that I want a port but my doc won't let me and she replied "if I see him in the food store I will run him over with a shopping cart"! HAHA!  She told me I need a port that my veins are too scarred for anymore PICCs.  I agree with her wholeheartedly.  I asked her to write that in my chart so its documented.

A few minutes later the team visited and when they asked about the PICC I recounted what happened and pleaded for a port.  And would you believe it they agree with me!!!  They told me they will take care of Dr. D and her hesitancy to give me.  So looks like after this admission, and the wedding I will be getting my first port.  I am super nervous, but super excited to never have PICCs again.  OK I know I will probably still get PICCs at some point but at least it won't be 3-4 times a year.

Everything is going as normal.  I am getting Zoysn and Tobra again, and right now, as I type, I am getting some Magnesium pumped into me.  Apparently my numbers were slightly lower than they would like.  1.7 is the lowest and I am there, but they would like to see 2.0.  Okie Dokie.

That is about all there is right now.  I am sure my stay will be as uneventful as it usually is lol.

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  1. One less inconvenience then. Hope your stay there really will be uneventful.