Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sorry for the Slacking

I just realized that its been almost 2 weeks since I posted!!!  I am slacking and I apologize for that.  Life has been hectic around here.

Last Monday, as most of you know, the Boston Marathon was bombed, killing 3 and wounding over 200 people.  Friday one suspect was killed and the other was taken into custody at a Boston hospital where he remains.  Living in the suburbs of Boston this was a scary event.  When they shut Watertown down (I have a friend that lives there) I was nervous for her and nervous that the guy got out.  Friday was filled with ups and downs as the country watched the events unfold.  We were thrilled when the guy was captured.  Now we can rest easier in this great city.

Besides the tragic events that unfolded last week, I have been swamped with school work.  I have two papers due May 2nd, one of which is written, just needs to be proofread.  The other I have started to write, but I also have another paper due this Thursday I am concentrating on.  Plus my assistanship work needs to be finished by May 1st.  I don't think I went to bed before 2am all last week.  And up again early to get going on the work.  I have not slacked on exercising which is usually the first thing I cut out.  I have forced myself to go every day no matter what.  I read on the treadmill so the readings for class at least get done.

I have also been stressing a bit too.  Next Thursday, the day both final papers are due, I am also presenting at my school's Graduate Research Day seminar.  I have to get up in front of students and teachers and read my paper from last semester, then answer questions people may have.  I am SCARED SHITLESS.  Luckily I have an Ativan left over from my MRI a few weeks ago.  I plan on taking that bad boy shortly before I get up there.  My professor said to plan for 20 minutes in front of them.  Fabulous....Family and friends are welcome so P is going to see about coming with E.  I am honored and I refuse to turn away such a great opportunity.  This will look amazing on my academic resume as well as just my work one.  My paper is on Queen Elizabeth I and her involvement with the Puritans during her reign.  Who knew that working my ass off last semester while trying to plan a wedding, get married, have an extended honeymoon, and lose 2 friends would make me write a dam good paper.  I knew it was good, I loved it when I wrote it and re-read it.  But I had no idea it was THAT good lol.  I should really take more credit for the hard work I put in to school huh?

I have transplant clinic on Thursday.  We shall see how that goes...


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