Friday, January 8, 2016

I want to be a bookseller

Last weekend P and I decided to take a drive.  It was New Year’s weekend and with three days off, he was starting to get bored and I was restless having everyone at home with me.  There were a few books I wanted to pick up so we decided to take a trip to our favorite used book store up in the Ipswich area.  We meandered up and when we pulled into the parking lot we saw the building was EMPTY!  The whole thing!  No used book store and no antiques shop below.  Just a sign saying they would be back after lunch… forwarding address, no we moved sign.  NOTHING.  I was (still am!) devastated!!!  We loved that place.  Not to mention finding a used book store that isn’t part of the Salvation Army or in Barnes and Noble is near impossible. 

As we drove away I had the very strong desire to open my own book store.  A quaint little shop here in our town where we would sell some new, old and maybe even rare books.  We could have a small little coffee station in the store and a lounge area to read.  Free wifi of course and I could bake some bread and make some jams to sell.  During the slow hours I could relax and crochet and read.  I wouldn’t have to have the store open 10am to 9pm like retailers; a reduced hour schedule like noon to 7pm would be perfect.  Maybe only a few days a week too.  I go have book club meetings and maybe even work with the library on things. 

I thought of it all.  I got totally wrapped up in it, even telling my mom she could move up here and work it with me. 

But it isn’t possible.  At least not right now. 

But WHY?

Am I just scared and using my health as an excuse?  Or would it really be a bad idea?  I love to read.  I would love to have my own shop.  I have the perfect location in mind.  I could find funding I am sure (grants for women owners seem to be a good place to start). 

But could I do it?  And should I do?  And will I do it?


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  1. Since you are an avid reader, I am reaching out to see if you would be interested in reading a story I have written where one of the main characters is a girl with CF... I'm looking for beta readers to see if I have accurately portrayed the disease without making it to the main story. I have personally lost friends to the disease and am hoping to use my fiction story (geared towards middle grade) raise awareness of CF. I have used your blog as a research tool and thank you for sharing your story. Just send a quick email if you are interested! Thanks!
    Jackie Dorothy -- jldorothy@gmailcom