Friday, October 3, 2008

New Schedule

Well I have to make a decision soon. If I am going to go to a reduced work week I need to start it by Nov 1st. That is totally MY deadline, no one else's. I think I need to do a pro/con list.

But SO much is going on at work that I kind of DON'T want to work 4 days a week. Our Interior Design department is finally getting under way. We have quite a few jobs that we are taking on and for the first time I am in charge of some things. I am talking to reps, owners, going to meeting etc. I am really loving this! Besides, how AWESOME will it look on my resume to have that I was on the team that STARTED the department??? Helloooooooo!!!!! Just to clarify...I am not looking to switch jobs, but one day, after tx I will need to job hunt again.

I know I know, my health is the MOST important thing, I get that, I realize that, I understand that. But it doesn't make it easier to say "yeah sure I'll work less when I know we are super swamped with work in our dept even though not so much in the others". And no, because I know some of you are wondering, it isn't THAT easy to just take some people from architecture and have them picking out materials and making up presentation boards. If it was they wouldn't need us :P

So anyway. I am looking forward to a reduced week mainly because I will spend less money on gas. Not a significant drop but a small one. It will be the same day as my clinic appointments so that will work out well. I plan on babysitting Owen on Wednesdays too, so that is a full day of me and him time. And I can take him to Carrie's where my SIL watches the other 4 kiddies and we can all have a grand old time.

But I feel fine. I really do. Not super fantastic but fine. I think the O2 is helping and if I wasn't staying up so darn late, because of someone, I would be getting my sleep and feeling rested ;D I think this house had a lot to do with last winter and being so sick. How many times did I run out of oil? That plays a huge roll in my health. Trying to stay warm in a house with leaky windows and it's 20 degrees out. HA! And in 3 weeks I move so then I will be in a house with working, insulated and non-drafty windows.

So basically I guess what I am saying is that I don't FEEL like I need too work less. And I know full well that I can and most likely will do some work on those Wednesdays, be it research on the internet or looking over drawings.

OY!! To make a decsion is SO freaking hard for me!!!!!!


  1. Right there with you honey. I know it sucks to have to think about job vs. health right now, but I also know that whatever you choose it will be right for you. And yeah, health is the most important thing, but there's more to health than just your lungs. Good luck :)

  2. Trial and error, my friend. If you decide to keep working full time and you get sick a million times this winter, even after moving into the better place, it might be time to reevaluate whether working full time is the right choice - but only you can really say when enough is enough.

    I thought I was doing so well and bumped myself up to 32 hours a week and had a horrible summer. Lesson learned. But I would always wonder if I was selling myself short if I hadn't at least tried to work more. Now I know for sure that I can't. It sucks that running ourselves into the ground is the only way to realize what constitutes too much, but alas, tis the nature of the disease :P