Friday, March 12, 2010

Exercise Train

Once again I have started exercising.  Though I must admit I am NO where near where I was before I got sick in July and slacked off.  I am doing Pilates every other day (MWF) and I was going to do the exercise ball TTh. However, yesterday I attempted the ball and stopped after 5 minutes because all that rolling and bouncing made me nauseous.  Me and my weak stomach do not enjoy anything that involves motion.  I am wicked prone to motion sickness, so much so that I can't even look down when in a car if I am not driving, nor sit in any other seat except the front.

But I digress...

So Wednesday I started my Pilates and was able to make it through a good portion of it.  Anything that allowed you to lay down and not stretch so much your eyes want to pop out, I was able to do.  I will have to work my way up to the whole 25 minutes.  What made me simultaneously smile and want to strangle the video instructor was she kept saying "make sure you are breathing,  Muscles need oxygen to work" and "fill those lungs all the way".  Yeah OK lady.

Next time I will wear my oxygen...which coincidently is today!

Once spring time is here and the warmer weather starts I can walk outside for as long as I want to.  And there is a lake right down the street from our house so Peter said he, Emily and I can wander that on the weekends.  It's 3 miles and HUGE, but with O2, stamina and breaks I will conquer.  I need to loose an inch or two from my waist so I am more comfortable this summer in a bikini.  I know I know, how often do you hear about a CFer wanting to loose inches.  But this CF bloated belly needs to disappear!  I'm more concerned that when I feel bloated and uncomfortable I have a much harder time breathing.

I am thinking that this is part of why I have been SOB lately.  By about 1pm I am bloated and my SOB starts and my back begins to hurt.  And no, adding in extra treatments does not help me.  I'm hoping that next week when I see Dr H he will have an idea about the back pain.  It has just started in the past 2 months on a more consistent basis.  Before it was once or twice a week and nothing I thought to mention.  But now, daily, it's time.  So maybe once we figure out the pain, we can figure out the SOB and get me back to feeling good!

And as a side note, thank you for voting on my poll to the right.  I really want to get something written but I am not sure what to write nor where to start.  So I thought maybe you wonderful bloggy readers could help a Cysta out (loving the double meaning).  So thanks again for participating!


  1. I need to jump on that train too!!! Perhaps Mon

  2. I know exactly which lake you're talking about - I was up there last weekend, and I almost thought there was a walka thon going on there were so many people out!! Here's to warm weather and sunshine helping to get you out walking!!