Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Last appointment at Penn

As the title says, today was pretty much my last appointment with Dr H. I'll be back to visit from time to time but my care is now in the hands of Dr D at Children's in Boston.

It was a great appointment in my opinion. He did tell me to get on SSDI ASAP because of the waiting period. So that will be my first order of business when I return home. Of course today I showed just how healthy I can be. I blew a 45%!!!! Holy cow I haven't seen that since I got out of the hospital in October, and maybe even before that. And I feel pretty good too. My broncho spasms start again at night but they aren't as bad when I'm good and do 3 treatments a day. So if I start doing that daily who knows just how good I can get my numbers to.

I love feeling like this but it makes me nervous that I'll have trouble getting on SSDI. I'm hoping they won't deny me because of feeling healthy. Its that fine line of wanting to feel great but not too great because then I won't get approved. But not wanting to feel crappy and definitely get approved because then I feel crappy and can't do anything. I'm going to work up an email to Beth Suffian when I get back to my mom's later too. I have more questions for her about everything.

I hate to admit this but I almost feel guilty for feeling so good. I have so many friends that feel shitty and are being listed that it makes me feel bad. And I know that's stupid of me! I should celebrate feeling great! If staying out of the hospital and being able to enjoy life is a result of not working and exercising then I should take advantage of it right? Not feel guilty. Alas, such is my mind.

Well I leave you all as I am off to my office to finalize my not returning and meet some co-workers for a yummy lunch. I miss my boyfriend and can't wait till tomorrow to see him again! But I shall enjoy St Patty's Day like the good little Irish lady I am :)
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  1. So PROUD of you!!! keep it up girl! Don't feel guilty... we are all on this path together for life! Xo

  2. That is fantastic new about 45%. You should not feel guilty the longer that you can stay off needing a transplant the better and none of us who are on the transplant list would be upset. I for one am happy that you aren't and are able to enjoy being healthy. Peter is obviously also having a good effect on your health.