Friday, March 26, 2010

Just a small update

As you can see I have a new layout.  I am tres happy with it!!!  The colors are nice and springy and the 3 column layout is perfecto!

I am heading back down to my hometown tonight so that my family and friends can meet Peter.  I am so excited and a wee bit nervous.  I know they will love him!  He is amazing!  I just hope he doesn't think they are all a bunch of nut-cases and run for the door.  OK, I know he will think they are nut-cases because, well, they are haha!  Hell I am friends with them so they must be :)  Just so long as he still loves me afterwards...which I can't imagine him not.

In other news I have started the SSDI process.  I contacted Beth Sufian's office in Texas and found out what all I need.  I am having my records sent to me from Penn and they should be here next week.  Once I make a copy of them, for my records, I will send them down to their office and let the headaches begin.  Luckily having the law office behind me I should have an easier time of getting approved.  However, right now so many people are applying because of the economic crisis that it is still taking a long time.  I meet all 3 criteria so really there shouldn't be any issues whatsoever.  And my doctor is all on board with me applying.  I will use Dr. H as my primary and then Dr. D at Children's for any follow up.  It makes much more sense to have Dr. H helping me since he has been seeing me since October 9, 1986.

Yep I was 5, and ironically it was the day before my 6th birthday.  I was in first grade when I began seeing him.  I assume I was also in first grade when we found out I had CF.  I know I was 5 and I believe it was only a few weeks before my appointment with him when we got the results of my sweat test.

I am off to pack for my wonderful excitement packed weekend.  Hopefully I can sleep all day Monday to recover since I know sleeping will be hard this weekend!!!  So much planned and look for pictures and an update next week!

Much love!

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