Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Christmas has been one hectic holiday this year!  I offered up our home to host dinner and while it was an awesome meal and great having everyone here, it took its toll on me!

Sunday I started running a fever.  101.1 which is pretty high even for me and my night time fevers I get.  I didn't take anything so I could see if it would wear off over night.  While it didn't disappear, it at least came down to 99.1.  However, after being awake for almost an hour it rose to 99.5 so I took some Motrin.  That kept it down till early evening when it started creeping up again.  I took more and I have been fever free since.  The only time I felt bad was when I had the 101.1 fever.  I felt crappy for about 2 hours before the thermometer even showed it.  It kept reading between 98.0 and 98.5 and I kept swearing I had a temp.  See, I knew what was up!

Emily and I were supposed to leave for PA yesterday too.  At first I was very disappointed on Sunday when I heard there was a blizzard coming and the chances of leaving Monday morning were going to be zilch.  It ruined my morning and part of the early afternoon.  But looking back, maybe something/one knew about those fevers coming and decided the only thing keeping me home to rest would be an act of Mother Nature.  We all know, fevers don't keep me down!  I would have left and possibly made myself worse.  So this blizzard was a blessing.  Instead we are leaving in about an hour.  Our bags are packed and once I shower I can pack the van and we can be on our way.  I'm looking forward to spending a few days with my family and seeing everyone.  Plus I can't wait to give out gifts!  We will be home late Thursday night, just in time for New Year's Eve with my honey.

Here are some pictures to see of our hectic holiday:

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