Saturday, March 26, 2011


For many this is a means to continue living and hoepefully in a better manner. 

For others its a scary thought that is unexpected.

For others is a wonder why its being mentioned.

I fit into the last category.  And possibly, ok yes, the second one.  I'm a bit curious why me?  Why am I being referred to transplant when there are others out there that are far worse than I who are still going along not being referred.  I spent an hour at the university that I plan on getting my masters degree from today, talking to the coordinators and walking around the main building.  I go food shopping and clean the house.  I make dinner and try to exercise.  So why me?

Am I jumping the gun, though my doctor mentioned it?  Should I wait?  Will I feel like a complete idiot when I sit down to talk to the doctors?  Will they laugh at me and tell me to come back in a year?

Just things I wonder about as my head lays on the pillow at night...


  1. Transplant is a super personal decision and should be given a lot of thought. There was about a year bewtween the first time my doc ever mentioned transplant, and I didn't take it well, and the time I seriously started considering it. Looking into it before it becomes a "life or death" choice is super smart. I had just started seriously considering transplant when I fell apart fast and ended up on life support for almost a month. When I got better I was immiediatly thrown into the Transplant world. It is definetly scary. But I found talking to people who have gone through it to be the most helpful. Asking TONS of questions, about every little thing doesn't hurt either. I hope you find the answers you are looking for. :)

  2. You know that I'm pretty much lock step with you on this... too "healthy" yet still being referred. At this point, with my new clinic, I have all but like one test done, but have not met any team around here. Basically right now the tests are my insurance policy. Ready to go if I need them, not hurting anyone if I don't need them.