Monday, April 25, 2011

Words I needed to Hear

Tonight I relaized something. 

I have the best boyfriend I could ever ask for :)

Cheesy?  Yes.  True? Definitely!

One of my faults is that I don't think I do enough around the house.  That I am lazy etc.  I know I do a lot.  I cook and clean and do the wash and food shop.  And pay some some bills that I can afford.  Plus work part time and take a class.  So I am not lazy but I worry that I am.  I've always felt that working at a job meant you weren't lazy and when you didn't work you were.  That was why I struggled with going out on SSDI for so long.  And sometimes I still wonder if I should go back to work full time (Then I spend a week sleeping till noon and realize why I am on disability).  But I digress.  Because of this, I feel bad when I tell P I slept till 11am, or that I stayed on the sofa all day because I was exhausted.  I feel like "ummm you fat lazy ass there is no reason to be exhausted, get up and clean or do something". 

But tonight he made me feel muuuuuuch better.

It's been a very busy couple of weeks between his doctors appointments, his father passing away, Easter, and school vacation (for those not in MA, the kids get a freaking week off of school for Easter break...sorry Spring break).  Today was the services for his dad so we were out all day long.  I was going to do wash Saturday or Sunday but I forgot.  When we got home today I sighed and commented I didn't want to do the wash tonight.  P said not to worry about it I was exhausted.  To which I replied "but I haven't done anything".  And he said the magic words "you do plenty and some things about how I need rest".  (Now I know some of you are thinking "he could have done the wash" but its my job, I like doing it because it makes me feel like I am pulling my weight and he knows that - see above paragraph about my insanity lol).  I can't remember what he said exactly anymore but I know I felt 1000 times better about everything when he said that.

So yes I do have the BEST boyfriend in the world <3


  1. Amy, dear, I work full time and have a bunch of kids and CF still makes me feel lazy a lot of times. I sometimes spend an entire Saturday in bed or I let the laundry overflow for a week, because I'm just too exhausted. My husband doesn't make me feel lazy, but I do anyway. It sounds like you're just as hard on yourself.

    My doctor said that inflammation creates fatigue. It felt good to hear that, because it at least gave me a reason, other than laziness, to be tired. I agree that you have a great boyfriend!!!

  2. Amy I do the same thing! Frank is always telling me to relax (lol). I always feel like I could be doin something, if only I could get my lazy butt off the computer...

    Frank never makes me feel that way; it's always me. P sounds wonderful and I'm so glad you have someone like that.



  3. I know exactly how you feel!
    I even feel lazy when L is gone and I am doing it all on my own, but I have one lazy day or moment and I start thinking I am the laziest person ever! L is great about letting me know that I am indeed not lazy and that he appreciates everything I do.

    Yay for good men in our lives!

  4. Glad to know I am not the only one who thinks this way lol!!!