Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2 doc appointments rolled into 1 post

Clinic went really well for me! I lost a few points on the FEV1 scale but that is to be expected. Nothing significant though. I was 1.28L last visit and 1.22L this visit. Perfectly OK. Which means I am signed off and ready for surgery on the 6th! Pre-op is tomorrow morning where they are just doing some blood work. Then we leave for vacation on Sunday, get home Thursday night, Celebrate the 4th of July that weekend then Tuesday is prep and Wednesday I say bye bye to my lady parts.

She talked to one of the transplant doctors for me to find out about the Lynch Syndrome and being transplanted. They told her that it won't automatically disqualify me from being listed as long as I am diligent about screenings, which of course I have been. I have enough on my plate without developing cancer. I was glad she asked that since it was one of my questions for them on August 3rd. I will still be asking them questions about it but at least now I know going into it they aren't going to tell me to go home.

Last week I had an ultrasound done on my thyroid to check the nodules that were found on the CT scan. There is one on the left side of my thyroid which is super small and of no significance so that one they left alone. However, the one on the right side was larger than they like (anything above 1.5cm they biopsy and mine was 1.9cm) so they did a biopsy. Very strange procedure. First they numb the spot with lido-cane so you can't feel the needles being plunged into your throat. Then they take 3 samples with needles. Doesn't hurt at all but it feels so weird having someone deliberately pushing on your throat. Afterwards you have a small pinprick on your neck which I dubbed my one toothed vampire bite.

I knew something wasn't right with the nodules when the tech came back in to re-measure the nodule after showing the results to the radiologist (which is normal to do). Then my new thyroid doctor came in to explain everything to me. She also showed me the lump. It feels like a raisin in my throat haha! You can only feel it when I am swallowing thankfully. She said 90% of these come back as nothing and they just monitor the nodule to make sure it doesn't grow. But if it does come back cancer it is very easy to cure. No chemo, no radiation, just remove the thyroid and you are good to go. I am supposed to hear the results today so fingers crossed it is just a weird growth like all the rest of my body likes to do. I swear I am a growing field for nodules and polyps!

I also added 2 more doctor appointments to my already swamped summer. I need another CT scan done in August and I have my next clinic appointment on August 10th, the week after the transplant clinic. She was very excited about my stability this past month and said she feels, as do I, that I will be good through the summer. We both knocked on wood! One of my main focuses for the next month is to make sure to stick with my airway clearance and moving around. Especially post surgery. Coughing is going to be painful for a bit afterwards, but I can't let my lungs fill up with goo. If I start to feel crappy before my appointment I am to call right away. She trusts the doctor doing my hysterectomy though, since she did another of her patients last year. So that made me feel better as well. I was already trusting of her since she had mentioned the previous CF hysterectomy to me on my initial appointment, so I am glad it turned out to be my CF doctor's patient.

All in all I am stable and looking forward to a VERY busy summer with doctor appointments and vacations!

EDIT: Biopsy results are in and they were normal! I am not a cancer mine ;)

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  1. Hey, good luck with all your procedures. You've got guts taking out your lady stuff! I've thought about it since I have recently had trouble with it.