Thursday, June 23, 2011

20cm is HUGE!

When you hear centimeters you don't think of something being large. At least I don't. So when I heard that the polyp removed from my colon was 20cm I just said oh ok. She said it was big but I never thought it was THAT big!

20cm = 7.87inches!!!!!!!

Yeah something THAT large was sitting in my colon! Luckily it was benign.....


  1. WOW. That is huge. Glad to hear it was benign. Here's to a happy colon!


  2. Oh wow! That is huge! Glad it was benign.
    We only do cm's here, inches don't mean a thing to me :-)

  3. The spot they took biopsies of from in my lung is 'only' 2.5/3 cm I thought that was large!

  4. Holy moley! Let's hope it doesn't show up ever again!

  5. I'm starting to think she meant to say Millimeters! Been looking online and usually they don't get much larger than golf balls unless they are cancerous. That would make it just under an inch which is much more reasonable LOL

  6. That would make it 2cm, sounds much better! Still glad it was benign though!

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