Thursday, July 7, 2011

Made it!

Surgery is over! I have 3 tiny holes in my abdomen and a bunch of needle marks in my arms lol. All went well though. I am learning to cough without feeling like I am going to open things up. I tried holding a pillow there and it hurt more than helped. Right now I am coughing up dark greenish/grey cement. But that will slowly go away as I clear it all out. Its hard to cough up stuff without gagging since my uvula is swollen and when I cough stuff up it gets stuck on it (OMFG EWWWW). I had the nurses give me 1000 cc's of saline over night because of how thick the mucus was. It is slightly thinner now and again will diminish as I drink more and get more up. Overall I don't hurt that much. The bloated belly from the gas hurts more in my opinion, and the incision areas itch like crazy. It feels like I have a horrible case of PMS cramps.

My biggest obstacle is passing gas. I have a few times but I have to keep on it. Things are all moved around and out of sorts in that area so its all a re-learning game to me.

I have to monitor my oxygen and temperature and call if anything gets too low or too high.

That's about it! I am on pain meds and they make me sleepy so I am trying to only take them at night and stick with the 600mgs of Motrin when I am awake. Though I am sleeping a bunch especially after walking a bit.

I shall check back in a few days and let you all know how I am feeling!

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  1. So glad it went well! I told you that gas they pump in your belly is ANNOYING! That was the most uncomfortable part for me. It should ease up today and be gone by tomorrow. Sending all my love your way!