Saturday, July 9, 2011

101 Things to do in 1001 Days

These are the ones I have not yet completed:

1. Pay off credit card debt

2. See a show on Broadway

7. Take a cooking class

8. Start riding horses again

10. Have the short story published

14. Take my jeep “muddin”

15. Take a Caribbean vacation

17. Get a professional massage

19. Have dinner with my dad and step mom once a month or every 6 weeks

23. Do volunteer work

26. Make homemade Christmas presents one year for everyone

27. Paint a picture

28. Do saline rinses religiously

30. Go to the movies once a month

32. Spend a night under the stars

36. Win a Halloween costume contest

37. Make candles from scratch

38. Buy a mountain bike and actually USE it

40. Go on a super romantic dinner

41. Display my Lenox crystal animals in something other than a moving box

42. Visit all 50 states (37/50)

43. Spend a day at the spa and not worry about price!

44. Go tubing down the Delaware

47. Make chicken noodle soup from scratch

49. Take an Italian class

50. Take a writing class

51. Visit Williamsburg VA and Gettysburg PA

54. Wish on a shooting star

59. Pick my own strawberries

60. Visit Times Square for Christmas

61. Go to Vegas

65. Eat more organic foods

67. Take NCIDQ exam...and pass!

70. Make a will

71. Do a scavenger hunt

72. Throw a surprise party for a family member or friend

73. Spend an entire weekend in bed/on the sofa (not sick)

75. Go ice skating

76. Go roller skating

77. Play volleyball

79. Spend more time with friends’ kiddies

80. Go to First Friday in Philly

81. Take a flying lesson

83. Finish Christmas shopping before December 1st

88. Buy more organic products

89. Throw a Halloween party

91. Get teeth whitened

94. Have a yard sale

95. Work on self esteem

96. Watch entire Disney animated movies collection

97. Curse less

98. Plant a tree

101. Celebrate completing 101 things in 1001 days!


#3. Make friends with people I wouldn’t normally be friends with. Sounds kind of mean but I am very picky about my friends. I changed that. With facebook it is much easier to be friends with people. I am not quite the social butterfly I was 10 years ago so having the computer makes it easier for me.

#4. Create a scrapbook. I made two this past year. One for a friend who lost her husband and another for my dad for a Christmas present.

#5. Print out all my pictures I have on my computer (that are worthy of printing). Done! 834 pictures later I got them all delivered.

#6 – Get computer working again so it reads CDs. This one was pretty easy. I only needed a new cd drive which I installed myself. Thanks to Kevin, I didn’t have to call anyone to get it set up for me and try to figure this all out.

#9 – Write a short story. I had begun writing a story when I was in school and I took a few extra days to finish it and make some changes. It is not entirely done and not ready to be sent to anyone yet, but it is done, it just needs tweaking.

#11 – Finish at least one book a month (33/33). I have read way more than this. I adore reading.

#12 – Take another history class. Finished my World History class with an A and starting Grad school in September hopefully!

#13 – Get a sleep study done for O2. Had the sleep study done, but "failed" it since I had just finished IVs. So we did it again while inpatient and I passed LOL.

#16 – Do the tourist thing in Philly. A friend of mine and I went to see the Liberty Bell and the Constitution when we were in Philly for the Princess Diana exhibit. It was great to FINALLY see the bell!

#18 – See my nephew more often. Though I don’t live nearby anymore, I make a point to spend as much time as I can with my nephew and now niece as I can when I am down visiting the family.

#20 – Donate all my old books to the library. This one was a help to me too! When I was packing to move I just put the books I didn’t want into a different box. Julie, my old roommate took them to the library by her work. She had some old books she wanted to take too.

#21 – Get all my pants hemmed. I am short, this is a known fact. And short people have a hard time buying pants that fit. Even with my 3 inch heels I was still walking on my pant legs. I finally gave in and dropped them off at the cleaners. A week and $80 later I now have pants for work that actually fit me!!!

#22 – Get a CF tattoo

#24 – Get rid of old junk. Did a whole lot of this when I moved and again when I have been up here. I enjoying throwing away old crap and decreasing the clutter.

#25 – Start exercising more. I may not be a runner now but I have at least started some exercising and I am working on getting into a better routine.

#29 – Delete old files off my computer. This one only got done because I was without the internet for 3 weeks!! I deleted all my old files and programs that I never use. I have a lot more space now!!

#31 – Smile at a stranger at least once a day. I try to do this when I go out. I don’t go out every day so obviously I can’t do this daily, but it is very rare that I go out and don’t smile at someone.

#33 – Go camping. We are going in August so I do miss the cut off but we are going so I am counting it.

#34 – Learn to knit/crochet. I can crochet like a fool! The knitting I need to learn at some point and I will. Right now I really enjoy the crocheting and I have so many projects that I am doing so it is hard to start a whole new way to do things.

#35 – Go to Disney World. Well I kind of cheated on this one haha! I wrote it in knowing I was going to go. Shhhh don’t tell!!

#39 – Back up all my blogs. Did it! Took a while to get them all copied but it is done! And now I write my blog in the file and then copy it to my BlogSpot. See worked well!!!

#45 – Learn to drive a wave runner. Peter and I rented a jet ski while on vacation and he let me drive for a bit! It was so much fun and by the end I finally figured out how to turn without slowing down so much lol.

#46 – Get a colonoscopy. I have had 2 now so I think I make it. Luckily I have had them done considering I have had polyps removed both times.

#48 – Make an edible beef stew. I nailed this one!

#52 – Learn to cook things other than chicken and rice. Peter will say I have got this down pat.

#53 – Start going back to church. We go on holidays, does that count?

#55 – Stay off of lung transplant list (active list). So far so good.

#56 – Celebrate 30th birthday with HUGE party

#57 – Send Holiday cards to family and friends. I do this every year now and I love it!

#58 – Update address book. All done!

#62 – Start doing Pilates/Yoga again. Tried Yoga and do not like it. Did Pilates a few times and it just doesn’t work for me. I get nauseous with all the bending and stretching. Not exactly productive exercise.

#63 – Date more and not be so darn picky about dates. Ironically a year after I wrote this I found my match. I dated a few times prior but I was never really one to date a bunch.

#64 – Keep a private, paper journal. I have one. I might not use it all that often but I do have it. I tend to use my blog for most of my thoughts, unless they are super emotional then I use my paper journal.

#66 – Visit grandparents’ graves. I have. Now it’s a bit hard since I am 300 miles away. But I have done it since I wrote this list.

#68 – Become a member of ASID

#69 – Save money. I got me a savings account with some dough in it.

#74 – Recruit more people to be organ donors. 2 people that I know of have changed their minds and signed up to be donors. It’s a start!

#78 – Stop working so much. Pretty sure going on SSDI counts for this one.

#84 – Go on a picnic. After the parade on the 4th we went to the park and had a BBQ with friends while we waited for the fireworks. It may not be a picnic basket and checkered blanket but it’s a picnic!

#85 – Learn to ballroom dance.

#86 – Bake homemade banana bread. The bread didn’t turn out too great but it was still good. Very heavy. I must find a lighter recipe….if one exists.

#87 – Recycle more. I even have Peter and his daughter recycling now. Go Me!

#82 – Actually go Christmas shopping on Black Friday. Yes I braved the stores and went shopping on Friday. I was going to go at 5am, but I was still too tired. Now I am glad I didn’t since I heard of a few deaths caused by trampling!!! OMG WTF?!?! I almost had #83 (finish shopping before December 1st) but I have a few more people to get and I know that won’t happen tomorrow. Next Year!!!! That was 2009 and I braved the stores AGAIN in 2010 while on IVs! That’s bravery lol.

#90 – Start birth control. Had a hysterectomy on July 6th so I am pretty sure that counts.

#92 – Meet more online friends in person. I may just have more online friends here in Boston than I do “RL” friends! We meet up quite often for doc appointments at the Brig.

#93 – Be more feminine (i.e. more necklaces and earrings) for work. Well while I was working I was able to dress all snazzy, now that I don’t work I just lounge in sweats a lot. But I do dress up when we go out on the town!

#99 – Do a random act of kindness. I can’t think of any off the top of my head, but its been 2.5 years and if I didn’t do this then my sorry ass is headed to hell in a hand basket!

#100 – Meet the man of my dreams. You all know I mastered this one ;)

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