Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Anti-Depressant Woes

My PCP and I decided to switch up my anti-depressant.  Some of the side effects of Celexa were starting to get annoying.  I was ale to deal with them at the 20mg dose, but when we upped that to 40mg, they become much worse.

So far things seem OK with my mood.  I seem a bit happier.  She did warn me that some people experience manic episodes or anxiety.  So I might be experiencing some mania.  That's OK.

Unfortunately I am also experiencing some of the not so pleasant side effects, such as sleeplessness and nausea.  The nausea is the worst.  I can deal with some restless sleeping, but feeling sick to my stomach for a few hours a day is just blah.  Yesterday was the first day I really noticed it.  Sunday I felt a little nauseous but it passed quickly.  Yesterday however, I ended up laying down to try to get it to pass.  I had gotten up at 6am (woke up and couldn't get back to sleep) so I thought maybe that was the issue.  That didn't work so I had some ritz crackers and plain white rice and I felt much better!  Seemed I needed some food in me.  Today I am trying that again, but with a bagel and butter.  So far its not working.  I might have to whip out the white rice again today.  I also noticed that it seems to come on at the same time.  Yesterday it was around 10am and today it was just a little before that.  I might try taking it in the mornings and seeing if that helps any.

Anyway, that is it for me.  I have a meeting with the transplant team next Wednesday to go over everything so I will make sure to post what happens!

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