Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gut Troubles

The past few weeks I have been having some gut issues.  I initially thought it might be Celiac's (runs in the family) but we are trying something else first.  I have been really bloated, worse than normal, and it comes on even if all I have is a small cup of OJ.  Not normal.  I have also been having bathroom issues that I won't go into detail with on this public of a place.

Today at clinic I got an X-ray done of my abdomen and am getting tested for C. Diff.  The X-ray showed no blockages but a definite fullness.  As in stuffed to the gills, need to do something about it fullness.  So tomorrow I get to spend all day trying to empty myself out so that I can enjoy Christmas dinner and not want to explode, literally, after my first bite.  My fingers are crossed I only need the one day since I have a lot of food shopping to do on Friday to prepare for dinner on Christmas day.

Other than that my PFTs were slightly up (40% vs 37% last time) but I requested a round of IVs prior to starting class on the 19th.  I go in for my endoscopic ultrasound on January 12th so we are going to start IVs then as well.  There should be no issues with me being out to start on time.  If I feel a lot better after my mini clean out tomorrow I might see about just making an appointment for that week and seeing if I really need to get IVs.  Who knows, a clean gut might help the lungs out.

That is all my bloggie friends.  Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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