Friday, December 2, 2011

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I have been a miserable, hostile bitch the past couple of weeks and had no desire to blog so I apologize.  Besides you probably would have blocked me if you could have seen what was in my head!  We lowered my Wellbutrin dose to 150mgs so I would stop getting nauseous, and it helped, but I got violent. Not physically, but verbally and in my head.  So once I figured out that was the culprit I stopped!  Now waiting to get back to normal.

Wednesday I had a very busy day in Boston.  I started with CF clinic.  My weight is up, my lungs sound fairly clear, but my inflammation is wreaking havoc on me still.  Last appointment I was 50% FEV1 (fluke but still) and this time I was 37%.  Part of that was because I had to avoid any duoneb or symbicort before my PFTs at transplant clinic after CF clinic.  Shhh I did about 3 minutes worth of my duoneb at 7am so I could at least function somewhat.  My guess is I am about 42-43% based on my SOB and overall feeling healthwise.  So we decided to put me on 2 weeks of oral Cipro and I go back the week of Christmas to see if I have improved at all.

After clinic it was off to get a full set of PFTs done and a 6 minute walk test for my transplant evaluation.  PFTs were uneventful, just like usual lol.  The walk test I started off slow so I could maintain my pace the whole time, but I ended up having to slow down about halfway through.  My O2 wasn't too bad at least.  I dipped to 88% at one point, but since it was reading my HR at 71, we weren't sure how correct it was.  So 90% was written as my lowest sat for the walk.  I have no idea how far I walked, as I didn't ask.  One thing I found interesting was my BP before the walk was 99 (top number I don't remember the bottom number) and 129 (again only top) after.  That's quite the jump!

After that I had a 90 minute reprieve to eat lunch and relax till I had to go get my bone density scan done.  Since it has been almost 6 months since my hysterectomy, it was time to get scanned and make sure I haven't started to loose any bone mass.  We shall find out in a couple of weeks!

Other than that, nothing exciting to post about.  Only things I have left to do for my evaluation are my last shot for the Hep B vaccine, dentist appointment and the 24hour PH probe.  That one I am not looking forward to!  Tube down my nose in my stomach for 24 hours....yay......

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  1. Sorry you're having such a tough time with the welbutrin. Emotional anguish sucks!