Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Breathless Bride: Dying to Breathe (TLC Special)

I cried when she walked down the aisle.

I laughed and nodded when she asked why she wore a bra that day (as they went out shopping).  I hate wearing them because they restrict my breathing.

It was hard watching.  I could feel her pain when she was coughing with no end in sight (though not to the extreme she did of course).  Its scary to watch someone with your disease, on TV, as a real person, dying.  Its no fun, and though I enjoyed the documentary, I almost wished I hadn't watched.  I don't like seeing my fate played out before me.  Its scary.

I cried when she got her new lungs and was able to leave the hospital and start her life with her new husband.


  1. I watched it in December on You Tube (was friends with Kirstie on fb before the documentaru aired). What a trip down memory lane! I didn't deteriorate as quickly as she did, but could obviously also relate... don't know how you handle the whole "end stage" thing without hope of transplant. It can really be such a miracle. Glad they showed it in the US, wish it would air in tv here too!

  2. Bet she is getting a flood of friend requests now LOL!!!!

    I can't imagine getting to her point and knowing that death is staring at you and not want a transplant. I don't know....I just don't want to think that I might be that bad and waiting for lungs. Though "thankfully" my main issue is inflammation and not really an overabundance of mucus smothering me.

  3. It was hard, the harest big was on ecmo and ventilation and i had decided enough was enough and wanted them to turn the machines off. Im just thankfull they couldn't understand me! I just wanted to say that yes it hard, but my case was extreme not many ppl get that sick before transplant and are still listed, i was therefore recieving the most invasive of treatments. so i wouldnt worry that it may be your future. Just stay poitive xxx

  4. I watched and I too related to the story ALOT! Right before my tx I had to always wear the tank tops with bras built in them under my shirts cause I couldn't wear a regular bra due it feeling like I couldn't breath. I also was put on Ecmo for three days before they found me new lungs. I really got THAT sick but one year later and I am doing GREAT. I know its scary Amy and for a long time I would cry after every tx appt cause it was just something that was so scary but when you get to the point when you are on O2 all day long and your FEV1 gets to about 12% and realize its tx or nothing then you WANT the tx cause you want to be there with your family and husband. Trust me its scary now but when the time comes you will know its the right decision for you. Keep your chin up lady you have a wedding to plan!! :)