Monday, February 27, 2012

Day One - Exercise Regime

Today is day one of my new exercising self.  I NEED to exercise.  Especially with no insurance I need a way to stay healthy so I don't end up sick before my Medicare kicks in June 1st.

I want to log each time I exercise so you all can hold me accountable.  On Facebook a few of us CFers are in an exercising group for CFers (Exercise Accountability) but it hasn't pushed me the way I was hoping it would when we started.  But maybe facing all of you I will be more willing and determined to do it.  Also I have set a goal and reward for myself.

By March 30th I have to have exercised at least 3 times a week each week.  If I reach this goal I am allowed to get my hair dyed by the professionals.  I printed out a calendar so that I chart my results.

So for day one:

20 minutes of step aerobics on the wii fit.

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  1. Hi Amy! Wahoo look you -- step aerobics! The nutritionist at the tx clinic showed me this app called Fitness Pal (its free). I think its mainly for people who are dieting (I'm using it to track my cals so I can maintain weight and get my GJ OUT) but it also has you log in your exercise. Its been helping me keep up with my exercise. I feel guilty if I dont fill it out! Good luck with your exercise program!