Friday, March 9, 2012


A friend of mine posted about sleep patterns with advancing stages of CF and the amount of sleep needed.  It got me thinking.  Am I sleeping as much as I NEED or as much as I WANT?  And that sleep I am getting, is it detrimental to my health instead of helping?

I usually go to bed around midnight and wake up around 6:30 when P gets up.  They leave around 7:15 and I go back to sleep.  Sometimes right away and sometimes it takes over an hour.  Lately its been the latter.  I have been having some sleeping issues and I don't like it.  Starting with waking up a few times a night.  This is not normal for me at all.  Then not being able to get back to sleep after they leave in the morning.  Its brutal!  I even upped my Melatonin intake to try to combat it, but to no avail.

Why do I sleep so much?  Do I need to get the 10 hours I aim for?  Or do I just like sleeping that much?  And if it is the latter, am I harming my body by sleeping that much more?

I have to wonder if I sleep because I am bored.  Let's think about this.  What else am I going to do during the day?  Watch TV?  Shop? Surf the net?  Its not like I have a slew of friends I can hang out with, or family I can visit.  Crafts take money, which I am lacking on.  School work only takes up so much time.  So maybe I sleep so I don't have to face the boredom of not working.  Its very possible.  But sleeping that much when I don't need to can't be all that great for my health.  Sure rest is rejuvenating, but too much is harmful....right?

Maybe I need to just get up when I wake up and then the restlessness will go away.  If I get bored then I can figure something out.

I need to win the lottery!

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