Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Something to do with Myself

Lately I have been feeling really antsy and bored with my life.  The whole not working thing has finally caught up with me.  Not too shabby that I have been on SSDI for almost 2 years now and just starting to get bored.  Of course last year I did 9 months of work and I have been in school, so that lessened the boredom load.

However, the past few weeks I have just been on edge.  And it isn't a depression type edge where I need my meds again.  Its just a feeling of not doing anything and doing the same things over and over.

I thought not working would be absolutely FABULOUS!  And it was for a while.  I worked on my health, I crochet'd, I read a bunch of books, I went back to school, I started cooking dinner most nights, I got to sleep in every day, I could visit family in PA whenever I felt like it.  But then you watch the same shows over and over again.  You crochet enough that your hands hurt.  You read as many books as you can.  You are broke and can't take those trips to PA as often. And then you have nothing.  Believe me, there are more books for me to read and more crocheting to be done, but I need something else.  I need to be doing something that takes me out of the home.  Having more friends would really help, but I am at a disadvantage there.

So instead, a fellow Cyster hooked me up at a local farm that does lessons for the disabled, on horseback.  How awesome is that?!?! I went today to shadow her so I could get an idea of what goes on.  Especially because the website mentions jogging with the horses for short stints.  I was a bit nervous about that, but after being there today I am confident I can handle it.  It felt great being around the horses again and to be doing something productive!

I have to send my application in and then I can start.  Just once a week I think for now as I don't want to overdo it.  I was there almost 2 hours and that was plenty for me.  Not that I wanted to leave per say, but I could feel myself getting tired.  There are some hills to walk up, nothing steep or long, but they do take their toll on you.  Especially since I am sore from all the exercise I have been doing.  I am really looking forward to starting and can't wait to help make a difference!


  1. That sounds fantastic! I grew up having a couple horses. I just love horses. I think you're going to haave a blast helping out there. You'll have to let us know how it goes. :)

  2. <-- fellow CFer just saying hi :)

  3. Yay! So glad you found something fun to do, and that sounds like a great place to volunteer! Enjoy :)

  4. If you start riding more often you can cross #8 off your list! Love you Amy, you can also start making your homemade Christmas presents for everyone, that will surely keep you busy! I just read your list after your honeymoon you can cross of Carribean Vacation, I think you meant tropical and if not we can plan a Carribean Vacation for you and I, somewhere that has hot pool men! LOL! Your BFF