Sunday, November 25, 2012

Not For Children - Hormone Blahs

If you remember, or if you don't, back in August I decided to forgo all synthetic hormones and try the herbal stuff.  I gave myself until Christmas to see if it would work.

Well here it is, 1 month until Christmas and I need to go back on the synthetic crap.  *SIGH*

With the exception of the honeymoon, I have had NO sex drive.  When I say no, I mean NO.  Sexy scenes in a movie don't even get the blood pumping.  It SUCKS.  My poor husband.  We are newlyweds and should be banging like rabbits, but I don't want to.

On top of that I am so miserable.  Maybe its stress, maybe its Shawn passing, maybe its the weather.  But whatever it is, I am a miserable bitch.  P will agree with me.  My patience is thin, my mood is grumpy.  I get short bursts of happy and then its back to miserable.  At least yesterday I decorated for Christmas and stayed fairly happy for most of the day.

I just need to go back to being me.  If it means I put on a few pounds then so be it.  I would rather be pudgy and fucking like a rabbit, than skinny (and really I only lost like 3 pounds) and miserable and no sex.

I can honestly say, and it pains me to say it, but I think I regret the hysterectomy.  Don't get me wrong, no period is WONDERFUL!  I can have sex 365 days a year and not worry about getting my period.  But if I have no sex drive than really who cares?  Its not like they can put it back in so I guess I need to figure out what to do.  I thought about talking to my PCP about it and getting a pill to give me a sex drive.  Then I thought well duh why not take the hormones instead.  Solves more than one issue right.

So there ya have it.  Tonight I will start back on my hormones and I will continue to take the herbal stuff too. Doesn't hurt and I bought a bunch of it!


  1. Hope you find a way to bring your libido up.

  2. Have you tried Panax Ginseng? It works like estrogen. It worked to get rid of my side effects from the depo shot which are the same as menopause. Hope your sex drive comes back!

    1. I have not but I might have to look into it thanks!

  3. Fingers crossed it works and that you & P start bumping uglies soon ;)