Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thankful Thanksgiving

Josh over at Welcome to Joshland posted a great post today about being thankful for what you have:

"On Thanksgiving and everyday, I challenge you to do more than just give thanks. To do more than just write it on your Facebook page, on your blog or say it aloud in front of others. I challenge you...like I challenge myself...to wake up and look around the place you call home. To examine the relationships you cherish and the experiences you've had and UNDERSTAND how quickly it could be gone. How quickly YOU or SOMEONE YOU LOVE could be gone from this earth. 

I challenge us all to GET THANKFUL so we can all GIVE THANKS far grander than we ever  have."

I have decided to take Josh up on his challenge.  However, I am doing it on my blog (Sorry Josh!!!).  But I promise to also be thankful in the real world, were it truly counts.

So what AM I thankful for?

  • Modern medicine.  Without such things as colonoscopies (ahem beware this weekend, an update on said testing, getting done tomorrow, will be posted), VEST airway clearance devices, or Albuterol, I may not be here today.  Everyday when I strap that Vest on and suck down those aerosols I am thankful that I get one more day to live.  I get one more day to see my family and watch my kiddies (both step and niece/nephews) grow up.  And I get to know that all the tests I need to be sure I am healthy and will continue to live, are available to me.
  • Shawn.  Yes I am thankful for Shawn.  I may have only known him for just under 4 years, but my life was forever changed.  Not just because he introduced me to Peter (though that is a HUGE part), but because he showed me how to LIVE with CF.  I am thankful I got to know him, and be a part of his life and his family's life.  And I am thankful that I can continue to be a part of his family's life through my husband.
  • My family.  It goes without saying that I wouldn't be here today without them, but I am going to say it anyway.  My family has been a huge support for me, for everything that I have done.  Whether it was going to college, 5 times, moving across the country, for a week, or marrying the man of my dreams, they were there, by my side.  
  • My husband.  I couldn't have picked a better life partner than P.  He is just amazing.  He doesn't get turned off by CF, or want to run away.  He was there through that hell of a honeymoon, by my side making sure I was OK.  He supports me in everything, be it school, CF, or just life in general.  I know he has my back and it is a wonderful feeling.  I am thankful that he allows me to go to school, to finish my degree while I wait to go back to work.  That he doesn't make me feel like a "burden" on him and that he loves me, no matter what.
  • My health.  Say what?  Even at 38% I am thankful for my health?  Dam right I am!  The other day when I was driving home from school (I had to go during the day for something) and I saw an old man at a stop light, standing there with his walker, waiting for the light to change.  As I drove past him I thought "I should turn around and help him across the street."  I didn't though, and yes I wish I had the courage to stop and do it.  But if I HAD the courage I would have been ABLE to help him across that street.  And for that I am thankful. (anyone else watch Tosh.O and totally read that last line in his voice?)
I could continue on with what I am thankful for, but there isn't enough ADD medicine to hold everyone's attention out there.  So I will leave you with those five.  And they are in no particular order either.  Just the way they came to me.  

So I continue Josh's challenge to be thankful and truly understand what being thankful means.  And for you to do the same thing.  Cherish those memories and those "bad" holidays spent with your family.  Because one day they will only be memories and those you never want to forget.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends!!!

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