Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Post Honeymoon Checkup

Today I had clinic to check up on my lungs after our little episodes in Florida.  Not as bad as I had assumed they would be.

I blew 1.09L, 38%, down a bit from 1.21L 6 weeks ago but still better than I had assumed they would be.  I am still wicked SOB with exertion and the more time after a treatment, the tighter I get.  Of course, this PFT was done 2.5 hours after my morning treatment so it really isn't a true indication of how I am.  But it is for the mornings!  We avoided the hospital until at least December 4th.  I am going to do Levaquin for 14 days and hope that it helps some.  I already had an appointment set up for December 4th so we are keeping that.  If I am worse, or even the same, we will discuss hospitalization and port surgery.

We went over all the issues I had in Florida.  She is not convinced that it was a true kidney infection.  Based on where my pain was, and the fact that ALL my labs, except my white blood count, came back normal, she isn't quite sure how it was my kidneys.  She thinks it was pancreatitis.  Given that I don't drink on a regular basis and that alcohol can cause pancreatitis to flare up, its a dam good possibility.  Either way I feel much better and she has all my information from the two ER visits.

After my clinic I was supposed to have a full PFT set done for my transplant evaluation, but apparently the lab flooded and we had to reschedule for next week.  This meant I had 1.5 hours to wait around for my ENT appointment.  That was the fastest appointment EVER!  He shoved the thing up my nose for 30 seconds, declared me inflamed but clear and sent me on my way.  Works for me!!!

Now next week shall be an interesting thing.  The 21st I was supposed to have my endoscopic ultrasound and the 28th I was supposed to have my BRAVO placement and colonoscopy/upper endoscopy done.  Luckily they called me last week to change some things around.  Instead of putting me under two weeks in a row they are going to do EVERYTHING on the 21st.  Phew that is going to be a looooong procedure!  I hope they give me plenty of meds to keep me under!  Unfortunately I have to start prepping on Sunday night for Wednesday's procedures.  That's OK.  We have two bathrooms in the house LOL!!!

Once those procedures are done next week I will be officially presented at transplant clinic and they will discuss my case and decide where I need to be.  Most likely they will deem me too healthy for the time being and I am perfectly content with that.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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