Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bad bad CF patient!

I am a very bad CF patient.


Well...........I haven't done my vest since I got out of the hospital, almost 2 months ago!


I know I know....the first few weeks I was sore from the port placement.  Then it turned in to me being scared that the vest would hurt the port anyway.  Then it just got out of hand.

BUT I am writing this post as I sit hooked up to the vest finally!  It is not a pleasant feeling, and I don't know if round one after not doing it for 2 months will last the whole 20 minutes.  I hear in time it will get less awkward and less irritating so that means I need to keep at it!

My port is still awkward for me.  I am extremely aware of its presence at all times of the day.  So the vest was just scary!  I can't even wear a bra because it annoys the site.  Which, thankfully, I was "blessed" with very tiny boobs and I don't need to wear one!

Lately the old lungs have been very sore and not happy so I decided I needed to suck it up and attempt the vest again.  It can't hurt....well....you know what I mean!!!


  1. I was very aware of my port for about the first year. . .I remember a weird moment when I was with my younger sister and we were shopping for swimming suits. I always wore "sport" style suits so the strap would cover my port, but that day I tried on a strappy two piece suit and the thought of my port didn't cross my mind until I had the suit on and turned to look in the mirror. I realized that for the first time in a year I had forgotten about my port. I'll never forget that, I didn't buy the strappy suit by the way ;) I was not ready to show my port off yet. lol So give it time and it will become the last thing on your mind. :)

  2. What did you do for airway clearance in the meantime?