Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hyperion - a CF Film

I was contacted by the writer to get the word out about this film he is trying to get produced.  If you can take a minute to check out the website and watch the short clip.  Its worth it.  Its less than 3 minutes long so won't  tie you up all day.


The writer and director was inspired by Eva Markvoort.  You remember Eva and her 65 Red Roses Documentary.

The director is also working with Emily from Rock CF and the CFF to make sure facts are correct.

Looks like a good film and I look forward to it coming out.

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  1. I had to cringe at the fact that the director says on that info page that cystic fibrosis "usually develops during early childhood" umm no it's a genetic disease, so it's always present. you'd think he could get a simple fact like that right.