Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Vorrei fare un viaggio a Italia

Just a quick update on me since I don't have any more CF related questions to answer.  May is about over as well and I hope we were able to spread awareness to the world.

My energy level and health have been going south for the past couple of weeks.  Well really since the flu.  But the past week or so its been very noticeable.  I am up to 4 treatments a day (vs 3 normally) and I would do 5 if there was enough time in the day.  Today at the gym I had to lower my walking speed because my O2 did not want to go above 90%.  Craptastic.  I have clinic next Wednesday so it will probably be IV time.  

I started classes again last week.  Loving it so far.  Its on the Renaissance!!!  Takes me back to my trip to Florence and Rome and really makes me want to go back!  Someday...It is also making me want to learn Italian.  Again, someday...

In sad news, a friend of mine passed away yesterday from CF complications.  She had been in the hospital for weeks and I was following the updates though I was never fully sure of what was going on.  But I saw the news this morning that she is gone and breathing easy now.  Sad....Please say prayers, send good vibes etc to her family, her husband, her daughter that they may find peace at this time.

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