Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Feeling Better...Almost Normal

Well let's see what has been going on the past two weeks?  I was admitted on the 28th, Friday.  Originally I was supposed to go in Thursday, then it was pushed to Monday then it was Friday.  Luckily they did Friday because there was no way I would have been out on time for the 4th festivities had I gone in on Monday, the 1st.  My TOBRA levels were high after just two doses so they stopped it for one day and restarted me at a lower dose and every 36 hours.  I am doing that schedule now at home too.  I am also on Zoysn every 8 hours.  My normal IVs schedule.

I had clinic follow up today.  My numbers are back up to 1.10L, where May and June I was 1.13L and 1.11L respectively.  So I am pretty much back to base line.  We are doing one more week though to see if I can get anymore from these old blowers.

I also got a new toy!!!  The NP gave me a spacer and an Rx for a duoneb inhaler.  So now when I am out and need a treatment I don't have to fret, or breathe like shit.  I can keep it in my purse and use it when I need it in place of a nebulized treatment.  This will be great for amusement parks and the beach!!!

As far as feeling better, I am getting there.  My O2 is almost normal with exercise, but my tolerance is way down since its been almost 8 weeks since I had to slow my pace.  So I need to build that back up some.  I am coughing up a storm, all dry inflammed coughs.  No fun.  I miss my mucusy cough from when I was a kid...

Till next week.....

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