Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hospital Time!!!

I was SO glad to see my numbers were horrible today!!!  It confirmed what I KNEW and also made it so I didn't have to beg and plead for a round of IVs!

Last time I was 1.11L 38% this time my highest was .95L 33%.  But my other 2 were .90L and .89L so that .95L was way up there!!!  Since I have started using the correct predicted values on myself, I am really at 30% with my highest and 28% with the lowest.  (The NHANES is the one used by most CF centers and I believe is the accepted one for the CFF).  Anyhow, we are looking at Thursday afternoon/evening to go in...hopefully.  The coordinator was out today so she will have to set it all up tomorrow.  If I can't go in Thursday then it is Monday and that I will not be happy with.  Thursday next week is the 4th of July and I don't want to miss the fireworks and parade!


  1. Confirmed hospital admission for tomorrow!!! :)

  2. It's always somewhat of a relief to hear when they have a bed ready for us. Hope it's just what you need!