Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to me

Today is my 29th birthday! I'll have to update all my info once I get out of the hospital.

This is my first time spending my birthday in the hospital. So far its not too bad, though I did only wake up an hour ago. But positive thoughts!!

The last two days were very rough for me. Thursday I didn't get in until after 5. It took a while to get a bed available. I did have a good laugh when I got here. I was waiting in admissions for transport to bring me to my room when Dr H walked in with a wheelchair. He was there to take me up!!!! I cracked up!! Nothing like service with a smile haha!!! He asked me how I was doing and I said slightly better. Then he listened to my lungs and told me I was moving a tiny bit of air but that Wednesday a stone statue was moving more air than me. Which I am pretty sure was the truth. He had given me some Prednisone to help and I guess it did on a very small scale. I took 30mgs over the course of 15 hours. Just a low dose since I'd never taken it before and no one was there to monitor me.

Thursday night was rough for me. I cried a lot. Just couldn't stop. I felt bad for the xray tech and the RT. Not hysterics, but just tears. I kept thinking about being in on my birthday, it only being 2 months since I got out (August 24th my PICC was pulled), leaving work with a crap load of work that I didn't get to finish, and having no one to talk to. I don't mean friends, I mean a current crush, boy toy, special someone.

I woke up Friday feeling slightly better emotionally but still shitty physically. Fevers all day, needing treatments every 3 hours, low O2 sats and bad lung pain. I "passed" the 6 minute walk test. Or failed. Whatever you are supposed to do lol. I didn't use O2 but I should have and we got lucky since I had a treatment 20 minutes before I went. I was still very SOB during and after and dropped into the mid 80s. I got to nap on and off the rest of the day though luckily. I had my O2 on a bit since resting I was around 86 87. So yeah.

Dr H put me on Prednisone last night and through the weekend. We started with a burst of 40mgs last night and then 20mgs this morning and 20mgs tonight, same tomorrow. So far the 40mgs has helped! I don't feel nearly as tight and I can take a sort of deep breath. My fever has broke thankfully but I've also had about 3000mL of saline since Thursday night haha. Now hopefully I can start getting the gunk up that has been blocked behind my non working airways.

I'm super bummed that I can't go to Boston next weekend. I was going to go visit Shawn and Tina and also see Jenn's fiance Andy while I was there to get some of Jenn's yarn. And Sunday I was meeting with a friend of my friend's who does professional photography. He was going to do a shoot with me! But he lives in Washington state and is only out that weekend for a wedding. So that is shot to shit too. Oh well. I was looking forward to seeing the beautiful foliage up there and looking around to see if I'd like to live there since I've been considering it. Oh well maybe the following weekend!!!

Well that's my update for now. I'll keep everyone posted and hopefully I'll be out by Friday (and if I am. Maybe I can sneak up to Boston anyway lol).

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  1. oh my god i can't believe we both spent our 29th birthdays in the hospital. booh! when you get out you'll have to have one huge party! OR, like me, you can wait and just do it up real big for 30!!! Love to you and make them be nice to you in the hospital. Love, CG Beth

  2. Crazy! I spent my 29th birthday in the hospital too! Well, I hope you get out of there soon and that you start feeling better....

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!


  3. Happy Birthday!!!!

    I hope you are feeling better and out of there soon!


  4. Take care, girl. You're in my thoughts & prayers!!!!! FIGHT ON

  5. Well I Hope that you are feeling better and am glad that the prednisone sounds like it's working for you, yay!

    Eventhough you're in right now, I hope you still have a great birthday! And like the others have said, this just means you have to double up the celebration when you're out. :)

    So for your birthday I'm wishing you....A HAPPY 29th!!, no more wheezing!, happy lungs, and lots of happy thoughts knowing that you have tons of people who are thinking of you!

  6. (((Amy))), happy birthday, even though it is in lock up. I am glad that things are getting a bit better for you. I too remember spending my birthday in the hospital, unfortunately, Christmas and New Years was also part of the admission (my birthday is on the 26th of Dec.). It really really sucked, but then I had the support of my family, friends and cyber friends alike to get me through.

    Anyhoo, I am praying that you get out of there soon and are able to visit your friends soon.

    Sending GB hugs and a cybercake along with a butt load of ice cream.
    Jenn :)

  7. Happy Birthday!! Prednisone/steroids in general do make some things feel good, others not. I never know how to feel about the 6 min walk either! Like, did I just do ok, or what? How much is 220 meters, really?!? Hope you get to feeling better NOW!

  8. Amy, when you are in Boston maybe I can drive down to Shawn and Tina's and say hi. Just focus on getting better for now.


  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I've spent several birthdays in the hospital (pre-transplant) and I have to say that everyone around me (nurses, doctors, etc.,) did an awesome job of making it as fun as possible (doctors bringing b'day cake, singing happy b'day, family, gifts, and much more)!!!

    Glad you are feeling some better, but sorry you have had a rough few days! I will definitely be praying for you! Better lungs and O2 sats are just around the corner! Hang in there!

  10. Thanks everyone!!! Yesterday ended up being great! So many visitors, ice cream cake, cards, and presents. All the staff were great and everyone said happy birthday. I was sad to see the day end!!!! I have the greatest family and friends a gal could ask for :) and today I get more visitors yay!!!!!

  11. Happy Happy Birthday Amy!! :) You'll just have to make up for your party with a super big one when you get out!!!
    Seriously though, so sorry you have to spend it in the hospital....hugs to you Amy....