Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My trip to see 2 of my favorite people

While I can sit and bitch about the hell of my day so far I won’t. I’ve been home for less than 12 hours and it has been HELL HELL HELL. I should have stayed in Swampscott!!!!

So instead I will talk about my awesome visit with Shawn and Tina!

I got up there on Saturday night. It started out rough. Apparently my grandparents are watching over me. My Jeep fishtailed and hydroplaned on an on ramp and I missed the guardrail and the cars coming at me as I spun around. I ended up facing the wrong way on I-295 as cars were going around me. I pulled off to the side and was like “WTF just happened?”. I didn’t cry, I didn’t shake. I just sat there wondering how the fuck I was still alive and didn’t hit ANYTHING.I made it up to Boston without another incident but boy was I nervous for the next two hours after it. Guess I need some new tires!

Sunday we did some witchy things in the rain. And then went to Tina’s brother’s house (who is cute LOL) for dinner for his birthday and their aunt’s. It was a lot of fun. A very entertaining group and I can see where Tina gets her personality!!! (It’s a good thing Tina!!!). Sunday night we went to the house of Seven Gables based on Nathanial Hawthorne’s novel by the same title. It was really cool.

Monday we did more in Salem and Marblehead and visited the lighthouse. God it is BEAUTIFUL up there! It was exactly what I imagine NE to look like. The rocky coast, the crashing waves, the blue skies and boats. I regretfully left Monday afternoon.

I loved it up there!!!!!! It was so beautiful!!! I so want to live up there!!!! The thought has crossed my mind way more than once. I could come back every 6 weeks for my DRs appointments and since I’ll be on SSDI I won’t need to worry about looking for a job. Plus I’ll have friends.Hmmmmmm……

So I leave my faithful readers with some awesome pics of the coast… (click on the pics to enlarge them)

Tina, Shawn and I

You can see Boston in the back



Does it need an explanation?


  1. BUT, you'll be further from NYC, so there's a downside too! ;) Glad you had such a great time . . . if not for the clot fiasco I totally would have met you up there!

    Just remember there are parts of SSDI/Medicare that are state run and parts that are federal -- for example your benefits are in part determined by cost of living in your place of residence. Moving isn't a problem, but keep in mind you'll want to know exactly if and how your checks are affected BEFORE you move so you don't overbudget. Just a little friendly lawyer tip ;)

    Great pics!

  2. LOL thanks for the tip Piper!!!!! :)

  3. We totally loved having you!!!! Yes finally my insanity makes sense...right? We all had a great time and you my dear girl are awesome and welcome here ANYTIME !!!!

  4. Piper you would be welcome as well!

  5. Sorry I didn't get to see you while you were in town, but glad you enjoyed!! Yeah, if you move up here we'd love to have you... but maybe you should come up during one of our famous northeast snowstorms before you make the decision ;-). Hope you come back soon!