Thursday, November 19, 2009

Heading North!!!

Tomorrow morning I am heading up to Swampscott again to see my good friends Shawna and Tina!!!! It's Shawn's one year post transplant party yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to stop at CHOP in the am first to pee in a cup. Last time I had it done (3 weeks ago) they found blood in my urine and I was not menstruating. So they are going to check again to make sure I am ok. After that it is smooth sailing to my favorite second home!!!!!

Tomorrow night I am having dinner with Shawn, Tina and her brother Peter...I will let you all know how that is and might even have some very very happy news to go along with it =D

So until Sunday night when I write again!!!!!!!!

Take care and have a fabulous weekend!!!!


  1. Have an awesome time and be careful. I expect pics when you get back. :) Give Tina big hugs from me.

  2. Does this mean what I think it means? I'm ON to you, Amy! ahahaha!

    Good Luck!

  3. Depends what your thinking Rhi lol!!!!!

    Thanks gals you know there will be tons of pics on FB and some of the highlights on here :)