Monday, November 2, 2009

Talked with Beth

I had a great conversation with Beth Sufian today. She was able to answer a lot of my questions about SSDI.

I now know what I need to get in order before I apply, and also that I should wait until I move to start the paperwork. That way I don’t have to worry about things getting lost when transferred. Works fine for me. I have moved my moving date up to February now. She also told me I am making a smart decision moving to MA. They are the only state to guarantee health insurance coverage for their residents. You can not be denied for a pre-existing condition. So I can COBRA my benefits until my residency takes affect and then search for my own policy which may be more, or may be less, but will hopefully be better!

I am so excited to do this now! Moving, SSDI, a fresh new start. Makes me happy and excited and scared!!!!

Wish I could go tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Yay! Glad you've at least got an idea of a plan - I end up in knots when I don't even have an idea of what things might look like a month from now, if that makes sense. Here's to SSDI, MA healthcare, and a great new job (and discount!) at B&N in Boston :o)

  2. I live in Mass, and let me give you a piece of advice, wait til you move here, if you can, to apply for SSDI. The application process is handled and approved locally and I had a really good experience. MA is totally the place TO BE if you're disabled.

  3. Yay! Change is good I am glad you got to talk to Beth she is great! I am excited for your new adventures!

  4. Thanks CG! Beth told me the same thing :)

    Thank you all I am excited and can't wait!!!!!