Thursday, November 26, 2009


The day when we give thanks for everything that has happened in our lives in the past year. The day where we remember those who are no longer around to enjoy the day with. The day we get it pig out like animals and not worry what people think.

So in honor of this day of thanks I decided to write up what I am truly thankful for. I encourage you all to do the same and think about what you have this year that you are thankful for.


I am truly blessed to have such a great support family. They are always there when I need them. We have our difference now and then, but that is normal. I don’t know what I would do without them! They really showed how much they care with the raffle and oxygen concentrator. Everyone has called to help sell the tickets and to help find me the best deal on the one I want. How amazing is that?!?! I love them all!


I don’t get to see my friends all that often but they are always there for me. When I’m sick they visit me in the hospital. When I am looking to go out, they are ready to party. I can call and bitch about my day, or listen to them bitch. They are amazing!!!

And I can’t forget my online friends either. They are great too! I get so much support from them and just knowing that they know how I am feeling is a huge relief! We lost so many CFers this year, but I will never forget any of them. Sometimes it’s hard to be friends with people who may loose their battle before you, but it is worth the “maybes” to have friends like them.


I might hate it at times but I am very thankful to have one. It allows me to have health insurance (as shitty as it might be at times) and pay for all my meds that help keep me alive. It allows me to travel and keep my Jeep!


Despite having CF I consider myself fairly healthy. It could always be worse and I am thankful to be alive and “well”!


Without them I would not be here…see above.


I’m sticking with the “my” on this haha. I am thankful for all those serving our country and all those who have lost their lives doing so. We would not be able to celebrate today without their sacrifices. Thank you all!


I’m a dweeb and I love my Maggers with all my heart. I may want to kill her some days, but when she curls up next to me I forget all the bad!!!! She is my life!!!


Without them I would have lost many more friends this year. Thank you to the families of those donors who made the choice to save some someone else’s life. You are heroes.


  1. Yay for health and puppies and organ donors (and all the other things on your list, of course!). Hope you had a GREAT holiday and enjoy the rest of your long weekend. Getting so close to the start of Boston -- are you going to stop up and see me and my (hopefully new) lungs on the way?!

  2. Maybe!! We will have the U-haul so I don't know about coming into the city :) but maybe!!!! <3

  3. Hi Amy l am from Australia and have CF and have been following your blog for a while and you have inspired me to do my own blog and set about achieving some things with my life now that l have gotten so sick l have had to stop work. Just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Awe you are welcome Weybs!!!!

    Hells yeah Tina!! I wanna see the tree in Rock Center so next Christmas we are so going in the city!!! And we can go down in the spring and summer and Fall!!! Spring Rhi and Kev will be in NYC so we are going down to meet them K!?!?!?!? :)