Friday, April 23, 2010

in other news...

Not too much to update on.  

I am still waiting for my SSDI claim to be fully submitted and go through.

I am still waiting for my healthcare application to be accepted and get me on MassHealth.

I am still waiting for my long term disability claim to be approved.

I am still exhausted all the time.

The last one I decided to ask my fellow CFers on the forums what they thought and a good majority of them suspect CFRD...CF related Diabetes.  Coupled with my huge increase in appetite there is a good chance that may be it.  Of course other signs, like dry mouth / always thirsty I have always had, and peeing a lot, which I think I pee a normal amount.  

So I am going to add that to the list of tests to get down on me at my new clinic.  And also fellow bloggy friend Jessi will be in Boston next weekend for Paul's memorial so she is going to check my blood sugars a few times while she is here.  So that will give me a good starting off point to see if maybe I could be CFRD.  

In other news...please pray for Piper that she gets a REAL call soon.  She has had so many dry runs that it is getting to be ridiculous.  <3 you girl!!!!


  1. For me they started to suspect CFRD, when I kept losing weight for no reason. Then my appetite actually decreased. Thirst increased, and I was having unexplained night sweats. I was also anemic. So between insulin and iron, we've correct all the issues I was having before.

    Glucose tolerance test sometimes might not show the whole picture. The last one I did, seemed normal, and yet a few months later all my troubles started to happen. So if you're real concerned ask for a script for a meter so you can just, at least, start checking your sugars before/after you eat. That way you can get a feel for what your sugars are actually doing. OR they could test your A1-C ? I believe that's it. Anything about 5 is something to keep an eye on. Although, some diabetics land a 11-13 for their A1-C. Mine was only 7, and I still was put on a small amount of insulin.

    Hope this helps a little. Good luck!

  2. I didn't have very many symptoms. Now that we are treating my CFRD-- NOW I have the symptoms. Like what Beth said-- I was loosing weight before they discovered my CFRD.

    Check your sugars and you should start to get a picture of where you are with diabetes.